Health Fix Wellness Retreats

HealthFix™ Wellness Retreats

Every success story begins somewhere, let us help jumpstart the journey.

  • Daily guidance so you always know what to do
    • HealthFix™ Master Coach that will show you the way
    • HealthFix™ Master Coach – Group Coaching Sessions
    • HealthFix™ Master Coach – Q&A Sessions… in case you need additional help
  • Our exclusive daily workouts – only available here
  • Motivation – Path to Prosperity™ Training
    • Learn the Fundamentals of Prosperity in Health, Wealth, and Relationships
  • Motivation – Master Your Power Within™ Training
    • Learn the Keys to Success that apply to all endeavors
  • Delicious meal plans
  • Shopping lists and 50+ new recipes!
  • Private emails with motivating tips and advice
    • Love & support from us and the Bootcamp team
Health fix hiker

HealthFix™ Wellness Retreats

Weekend Warrior
& LiVe Well Center


Designed for active individuals interested in renewing their fitness and health routine. Work one-on-one and in groups with fitness professionals to build a custom workout and enjoy speciality workshops.

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Rejuvenate to Prosperity
& LiVe Well Center


Revitalize and create prosperity in all areas of life. This includes a detailed and personalized visit with our top rated Healthcare professional in our LiVe Well Center and the nurturing environment of Red Rock Country of Southern Utah.

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Weight Loss Mastery
& LiVe Well Center


Highly individualized, this package provides mental, emotional, physical and nutritional guidance from our experienced team of wellness and fitness specialists.

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You Don’t Want To Miss This

Health Fix Daily Workouts


Our exclusive Bootcamp exercise program is suitable for Beginners through to Advanced exercisers. You can do it at home or at the gym, on your own schedule. No equipment necessary!

Health Fix meal plans


You’ll love the simple healthy meals our team has prepared to fast track your weight loss. They’re delicious, and family friendly.

Health fix trainer


There’s no phoning it in on this program! We’ll be checking in with you several times a week to keep you focused on your goals.

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  • Accommodations
  • Daily Guided Hiking
  • 3 Meals Daily
  • Unlimited Fitness Classes
  • 2 — 50 minute personal Training Sessions with the LiVe Well exercise prescription
  • 1 — Meditation Workshop
  • 1 — 50 minute Sagestone Customized Massage

LiVe Well Center Assessment

The LiVe Well Center Assessment can help you Get Well, Stay Well and LiVe Well for the rest of your life.

We’ll conduct a series of evaluations to determine your physical fitness, cardiac health, nutrition habits, and stress levels and then help you identify opportunities for improvement. The assessment includes:

  1. Wellness Profile: A baseline history is created so we can create a personalized wellness prescription.
  2. Body Composition: Using “The Bod Pod” we analyze your percent body fat and help you understand the balance between lean mass and fat mass.
  3. Metabolic Rate: Measuring the rate your body burns calories at rest reveals the amount of calories you should eat to maintain or lose weight.
  4. Wellness Physical (20-30 Minutes): You will meet with a physician for a 30 minute evaluation of health history and wellness needs.
  5. Comprehensive Lab Draw: Based upon the physician’s recommendations, labs will be drawn.
  6. Functional Fitness: We assess your flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.
  7. Nutrition: Receive recommendations based on an analysis of your eating habits.
  8. Baseline Results: A healthcare professional will interpret your results from the five evaluations.
  9. Game Plan: Receive specific steps you need to improve your health and well-being.

A copy of the final assessment and recommendations will be sent to your primary care physician. After implementing the game plan and making changes in your life, you can come back again and again to see your successes and continue to make improvements.

Health Fix Trainer
Health Fix Ways That You Can Train At Home

After you go home… we are still there for you:

  • HealthFix Master Coach – Group Coaching Sessions Weekly
  • HealthFix Master Coach – Q&A Sessions Weekly in case you need additional help
  • Master Your Power Within™ Training (VIP tickets to this 3 day event)
      • To be attended at a different time and location. Tickets good for 12 months

    This additional coaching is automatically part of your package for $37/week and you may cancel at any time with a 30 day notice